Thinking about going to Dave & Buster’s for a fun date or family game night?  Eat before.

For the crowds expected at such a gaming establishment, the restaurant is severely understaffed resulting in poor service, smoking is allowed at the indoor bar which the smoke surprisingly enough DOES NOT stay in the bar area, and the food is reheated and void of flavor.

After ordering simple cheeseburgers and being completely inedible, the manager was brought over.  He seemed to understand all too well the explanation that the burgers were dry and tasteless, and all that was edible on the plate were the French fries.  He tried to offer other dishes for the table but the idea was rejected with mutual grimaces from the entire table since everything prior were causing stomachs to ache.

So maybe giving the food an attempt is actually worth it… send it back and you’ll get free gaming cards!!!  Guess there is a bright side to the tasteless dinner.